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The Castle - Burg Colmberg Hotel
GrafikEnglisch versionDeutsche Version
GrafikEnglisch versionDeutsche Version
“The franconian land,
which is famous for its beauty,
castle colmberg is greeting
from former times.

It is not hard to find it,
you can easy find your way.
From the start in Ansbach,
on half of the way to Rothenburg,
there it is –on a 511 metres high mountain”.



The history of the castle can be traced back to the 13th century.

A sales contract of 17. July 1318 is in view of two castle women who were called Sophie and Gertrud in a book of the city Rothenburg, the most important certificate.

Duke Frederic IV. of Nuremberg buys the castle
Frederic IV. of Hohenzollern becomes Margrave of Brandenburg
Colmberg is under Prussian leadership
1806 – 1880
The castle becomes the headquarter of the kingdom of Bavaria
1927 – 1964
The castle belongs to the last imperial consul in Japan

Family Unbehauen which comes from Colmberg, buys the castle and creates the comfortable hotel

Hotel Restaurant
Family Unbehauen

An der Burgenstraße
D-91598 Colmberg

Phone: +49 98 03 / 9 19 20
+49 98 03
/ 2 62